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Lose inches of fat from the area you want in just a couple of weeks!

How does it work?

Do you have areas of stubborn fat that no amount of dieting or exercise has been able to reduce? At CONTOUR Fat Loss Clinic® we use revolutionary medical technology to treat fat loss/circumference reduction and cellulite reduction. That post-menopausal pot belly, waist, thick thighs or upper arm fat can now be targeted without sacrificing loss from your face or bust. Men suffering from gynecomastia (male breasts) can also be treated without surgery or other invasive treatments. This breakthrough fat loss treatment was developed in the USA and has been used on thousands of people across America and Europe with amazing results.

After being assessed by a doctor, you will be weighed and measured. You will step onto a machine and have your BMI, body fat, visceral fat, lean muscle and biological age measured. During the treatment you will lie comfortably for 40 minutes while 6 green diodes sweep wavelengths of green light across the area of desired fat loss. This is done for a series of 6 treatments over a 2 week period, the first 20 minutes of each treatment on the front of your body in the specific areas that you want to reduce the fat and then the remaining half of the treatment for the corresponding area on the back of your body. It is important to note that these are low level diode lasers that are green because of their specific nano-metre wavelength of light. A true cold laser, such as the one we use at the CONTOUR Fat Loss Clinic® does NOT contain any LED or light bulbs of any kind. This is the most sophisticated machine of its kind on the market.

Because there is no ionizing radiation associated with the machine, you can use your cell phone, or tablet, although most patients tend to nap during treatments. Each treatment is 40 minutes long. A treatment package consists of 6 sessions.  Amount of treatments will of course depend on your size and weight; how much you want to lose and certain other factors, such as whether you have a fast or slow metabolism, how soft the fatty area is, etc., which will be discussed between you and the doctor.  Ideally, you would have 3 treatments per week for 2 weeks.  In all clinical trials done in accordance with FDA guidelines, participants saw a combined circumference loss of 4.5”. You will also notice that the area of fat loss/circumference reduction is firmer as collagen production was accelerated, leaving your body looking and feeling more toned and youthful. It is important to note that while achieving inches lost, this may not be reflected in your weight. Subcutaneous fat is a lot lighter than muscle with the fat inside a fat cell only accounting for about 4% of the fat cell’s actual weight. Have you ever gone on a diet and lost 20 lbs only to see a thinner face and chest or bust area? This is because your body’s natural response to deprivation of food is survival. It does this by storing the fat! Often the weight you have lost is water stored in tissues and muscle that is much heavier and denser than fat, so that 20 lbs does not look like all that much in inches lost. At CONTOUR Fat Loss Clinic® we concentrate on losing the fat in the areas that you want and need to lose it. Cellulite is a separate treatment and can be done by itself or in conjunction with the fat loss/circumference reduction (see below).

Did you know?

Fat cells are not destroyed by the green light waves, but returned to their normal size and healthy state.  Fat cells have important functions in your body, like regulating your core temperature and hormonal balance.  If you destroy those fat cells by having them removed with invasive procedures (such as Liposuction or freezing techniques), they will grow back in other areas of your body – typically in areas such as your back and upper arms. This will not happen with this treatment as it does not kill the cells, but reverts them to their natural state and size, although if you start to overeat you will of course put weight back on, as with any diet plan or treatment.

Where does the fat go?

The fat is quickly and painlessly emulsified inside the adipose (fat) cells and the liquid fat starts to leave the cell and is then transported by your lymphatic system, where some of it is used as fuel by your body with the majority being expelled in your urine. This is why you must drink plenty of water between meals – to aid your lymphatic system in flushing out the fat as waste.

Who can be treated?

Our clinic is intended for adults who have not been able to lose specific areas of subcutaneous fat despite diet and exercise. Is is of huge benefit to menopausal and post-menopausal women who are dieting and don’t want to lose the fat from their face, neck and bust, which makes a woman look much older, but would rather lose it from her belly and hips. 

You probably fall into one of two groups that benefit from this treatment.

  1. Those who want to drop a couple of dress sizes in a couple of weeks for a wedding, special event or holiday. You probably have a BMI (body mass index) of around 25 – check your BMI below. You may want to shop for a wedding dress and drop a size or two first. You may be going on a holiday and want to look better in a swimsuit. Or you may have a stubborn area that you cannot lose the fat from, such as a muffin top, waist, thighs, hips or upper arms. Men who have Gynecomastia (male breasts), or want a leaner looking physique can also be successfully treated.
  2. Those with a BMI of 25 to 30 who, despite diet and exercise, cannot lose their fat in certain areas of their body (usually around the middle). We do not treat obese people or those with a BMI greater than 30.

***You MUST drink plenty of water (3 litres) during the 3 weeks of treatment to help your system flush out the fat. And you MUST walk briskly for 30 minutes, 2 x per day to keep you lymphatic system moving the fat through your body to elimination. You MUST eat 3 meals (or 5 smaller ones) per day. We advocate not eating anything past 6:00 P.M.

While we offer a stand-alone treatment, adding a light exercise program and changing your diet to healthier choices will affect an even greater amount of inches lost. We offer some easy to follow guidelines, and effective diets to greatly enhance your treatments should you want more help on getting onto a healthier lifestyle.

Some of the groups of people that can benefit are:

  • Those who, despite exercise and dieting, cannot lose weight around their middle section, thighs or upper arms.
  • Women who want to drop a couple of dress sizes quickly.  For instance a bride that is overweight and wants to shed a few inches before looking for a gown (and/or the mother and bridesmaids).
  • People who have not been able to exercise for various reasons, such as a broken bone and have a sudden weight gain.
  • Women or men who want a more sculpted look on specific areas of their body for aesthetic reasons without resorting to invasive cosmetic surgery.
  • Anyone who wants to jump-start a new healthy weight and lifestyle.
  • Those with a BMI (body-mass index) between 25 and 30. Those with a BMI less than 25 will lose less, but can achieve a more sculpted body with firmer toning.
  • Any of those above groups who are deemed medically stable.


We also offer cellulite treatments, which are done with the same machine, but are a separate setting and treatment. In all clinical trials done in accordance with FDA guidelines, participants dropped 1 or 2 levels on the Nurnberger-Muller scale (the most definitive and accepted scale of cellulite grading). Since there are only 4 levels on this scale, it translates to a reduction of 25 to 50% in randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trials.

To check your BMI, use the link below. 


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