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using the world’s leading Low-Level-Laser.

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As per current government restrictions and guidelines, we offer a safe environment with the added protection of air purification during your sessions . Masks must be worn. We only treat one person at a time at our facility. 

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Introducing to Canada, the first Contour Fat Loss Clinic.

CONTOUR  Fat Loss Clinic ®

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This treatment is intended for adults who are committed to getting their body back in shape. The focus is on losing inches of fat from a specific area, not on ‘weight’ loss measured on the scale. We do not treat obesity and have a strict protocol that must be followed – please refer to the patient page of this website.

The main benefit to women using this treatment is that they no longer have to sacrifice their face for their body. As women age or enter menopause it becomes harder to lose the fat from the belly and muffin top area. Instead the greatest loss is seen in the face and neck, making a woman look haggard and much older than she is. A decreased loss of fat from the face also makes wrinkles appear deeper.

Men with gynecomastia can be successfully treated, along with the soft flank areas known as ‘love handles’.

CONTOUR Fat Loss Clinicthe future of fat loss is here!   

Non-invasive               Zero pain
Fast results                 Zero surgery
No downtime              Zero injections

A revolutionary new medical and cosmetic treatment in fat loss, based on Quantum Physics – the science of light waves, CONTOUR Fat Loss Clinic uses the first and only FDA market cleared green diode laser device with a patented line-generated beam to safely emulsify the excess fat stored in adipose cells without destroying the actual cell.  By releasing just the fat inside the cell and safely flushing it out of your body, the fat cells can revert to their normal, healthy, functioning state. This treatment has been used safely in the USA and Europe for several years on thousands of satisfied patients. It is now available in Canada. Please see the ‘Patients’ page for more information on CONTOUR Fat Loss Clinic.             

What are ‘Cold’ Lasers?

There is a lot of confusion as to what is and is not a low-level, or ‘cold’ laser. Class II Low Level Lasers are in the visible spectrum.  Class II lasers are referred to as ‘cold’ as they do not emit heat.  They work on a photo-chemical reaction that takes place in all mammals.  Photons of light are specific wavelengths of light, delivered in specific doses and frequencies, which are accepted by photon receptors under the dermis as your body was designed to do.  Through a complex molecular pathway, these photons of light are converted to ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the cells main food.  It is then energized and able to combat numerous problems in the body. A true cold laser can cause no harm.


Time lapse of Adipose cell collapse over 18 minutes.

The following is a short video on how we get fat and why our bodies can’t lose it.