Until recently everyone agreed that you cannot lose fat from just one area of your body. Is has been a sad fact through the ages that as women grow older they have to sacrifice their bodies for their faces. Dieting and exercising will of course help you to lose weight, but you can’t choose from where it will come off. Most women start to see it in their faces and feel that they are looking older. In other words, women were carrying extra, unwanted fat on their bodies just to keep their faces looking plump, diminishing the visible wrinkles and having a more youthful look to their faces.

As we age, even if we are eating right and exercising, the fat tends to accumulate around our middle area, giving us an unflattering paunch or muffin top, while the rest of our body may look great. Women, over the centuries, have resorted to corsets, girdles and Spanx to try and hold it in. There is now a safe and effective treatment, FDA cleared with multiple level 1 trials – those are the ones that cost upwards of 2 million dollars and are the randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled studies done by a third party. This is the technology that is used at CONTOUR Fat Loss Clinic Inc. Thousands of happy women have used this treatment to safely reduce fat from specific areas (such as belly fat) without destroying the fat cells or injuring other tissues. Fat cells are restored to their healthy, functioning state and the fat is expelled from your body as waste – all in just a few weeks.

Now you can get rid of just the belly fat, muffin top, hips, thighs or upper arms – an area that no exercise or diet seems to be able to help with, while also tightening the skin for a more youthful look – and all with proven results! There is no pain, no downtime, and no invasive procedure as with many of the ‘fad’ devices on the market that cannot back up their claims with actual science. Even worse are the ones that freeze, suction or destroy your fat cells in some manner. Fat cells are an important organ with definite functions such as regulating your core temperature, and balancing hormonal functions. We NEED our fat cells; we just don’t need them to be so full.


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